New Beginnings!

I have been away from this blog for a while…   I have been a bit busy with a dream coming true and all… 🙂 A week before New Years Day 2015 the owner of one of the studios I was teaching Yoga asked me if I wanted to take the studio over.   She lives far away and the commute was just not feasible for her.   It was the universe saying here it is – you want your own studio???  Here it is…  but heres the thing … you must ACT fast.   No time to think about the practical, just think about the possibilities.   No time to think about the fact that I work full time as a Nurse.   Full Time.   So…of course… I said YES.  🙂 Leap and the net will appear!   I decided to trust that saying… So it is now 2 1/2 months and I am giving it all I have.  With total Gratitude for this opportunity despite exhaustion and questioning my sanity.    So many days spent thinking there was no way this dream would ever happen.  To open a yoga studio – you need money, you need time…and All the ways we limit the universe and ourselves. When something is meant to be there is always a way. When it seems there is NO way and NO How… A way WILL be made. I can’t doubt that anymore…I am living it.   Namaste – Kerry Life Balance Yoga & Wellness Thank you for your support!  🙂


Internal Drishti

I have been thinking of my own internal drishti and where I am feeling attention drawn to during practice. Drishti – our focus – gaze point. Usually we think of drishti points with eyes open. We also have internal drishti as we close our eyes and attune to our third eye. We also practice internal drishti when we focus our attention to a certain body part or chakra center – we draw our attention to these areas. In my practice my eyes are closed in many poses and it allows me to connect much deeper.

Journal / Reflection questions : How does internal drishti affect your practice? Where is your attention drawn to in your practice? Does it need redirecting? For me there are practices where I am more present than others and my drishti has a lot to do with that.

Internal Drishti

With closed eyes…I practice.
My attention is drawn to my core, my chest, my center.
Looking inward

I am guided to my inner strength.

With closed eyes…I practice.
I long to get to a quieter space.
Looking inward

I slow the pace of thoughts and actions. I find my breath.

With closed eyes…I practice.
I find a world beyond my physical eyes.
Looking inward

I meet a genuine presence. My True Self.

Namaste – Kerry

Meeting Myself Where I Am…

Through my tired eyes
I see the journey is much longer…

Why don’t I use the map?
Is there a quicker way?

Why don’t I ask for help?
Is there an easier way?

Why don’t I want to go down that road?
What do I gain from staying on this road?

Why do I resist what I know to be true?

Isn’t that the harder way??

Meeting myself where I am
I can find the “middle way” and

I can walk on.

Thoughts on :
Third Chakra
Satya – second Yama
Resistance & Acceptance

Namaste – Kerry

The Yoga for YOU

Have you found your Yoga?  I mean the yoga that makes you feel like coming home.   Maybe you  have your own practice or have a teacher or a few teachers who just bring you right to that place.   If you have found your style I think you will know what I mean…

There are many styles of Yoga and Teachers out there…  If you have taken a class, but maybe didn’t connect with a teachers style or the Yoga was too difficult, too fast, or maybe too slow…  I encourage you to check out different classes to see what is available to you out there.  Another aspect is that some people don’t like to be physically assisted in a pose, some people really do…

So…I always encourage people to try different classes – more than a couple of  classes – seek out a teacher that clicks with your needs.

My own philosophy on Yoga is that it should feel good.  It should be healing not “beating me up”…

I love this quote  🙂 “We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body”  –  Bernie Clark

This is at the core of my own teaching philosophy and I hope that people that come to my class feel that.

How do you know if its the class for you? I can just share what  is true for me… in my own home practice and the classes I choose to go to.

I should feel ease and steadiness in the poses – maybe a bit “comfortably – uncomfortable” at times to challenge me …but being mindful of my edge.

I want to feel a sense of healing taking place – not forcing or pushing.

I like to feel space…to think, to breathe…to not think…to release tension…just space to simply experience my Yoga.

I want my energy to feel renewed and replenished not exhausted.. I want my practice to release tension, but conserve my vital energy – “Prana”

I teach a gentle – slow flow – moderate style of Hatha Yoga influenced many other therapeutic practices.  Gentle doesn’t mean easy – it simply means to me – that we are kind to our body…check in and see what it needs, what it wants – and just listen. 🙂

Journal or Meditation Questions around this… What is enough today?  What is enough on the mat and what is enough OFF the mat?   How is the way I practice Yoga like I live my life?   Do I need to challenge myself OR take it down a notch today?   Is my Yoga balancing for me?   What classes leave me feeling renewed?  How do I feel during my yoga class and after?   Which classes do I enjoy?   Why?

Above all – Enjoy your journey discovering YOUR Yoga and evolve with your practice.

Namaste – Kerry 🙂

Discover Your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat

Here is a short video on the upcoming retreat – follow the link to REGISTER

This women’s Retreat will run May 2nd at 7 pm until 12 noon May 4th.
Yoga is Beginner – Intermediate – modifications for all levels, always encouraging you to listen to your body and your individual needs. Classes will not be Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga.

Please check out the websites below to find out more about what to expect from the retreat leaders teaching styles.

Kerry & Sue’s Websites –
**Sue Medeiros at
and on Facebook at

**Kerry Wanamaker at
and Facebook at

We hope to see you in May for this retreat – Namaste !

The Energetic Heart

I love Shiva Rea’s Ted Talk on “The Energetic Heart” and I just love the message. Especially as a Nurse who has studied the energy of the heart and also have seen medication and medical devices manipulate that energy to save a life.
The heart is much, much more than a pump….as Yogis we know this… I hope you enjoy this TED Talk 🙂

Nischala Joy Devi in her translation of the Yoga Sutras “The Secret Power of Yoga” said to notice when we are asked “who we are” we point to our heart.

Its so true! We don’t point to our head or our ears etc… 🙂  Instinctively we point to our heart…

She says  “when we gesture to our heart – it reveals the truth:   I live right here in my heart.”

Her beautiful translation of Yoga Sutra 1.2  :

“Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart”

Namaste – Kerry

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